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Bulk Sms- BULK SMS:

Easy delivery of mass SMS from your PC to all users of GSM/ CDMA mobiles.
The SMS can be composed by text, Unicode or picture Msg.
The SMS can be Scheduled as per date ,time, month or year.
Provision to add Contacts like, Name, address, Number, Group, Email id, Birth day, Anniversary is available.
Bulk contact numberss can be uploaded from excel format.
The Transaction details of Sent Message like Msg Count, balance ,Msg details, time of sending, delivery report in excel format/ datewise can be seen instantly.
Districtwise ( Odisha ) database of mobile users according to your marketing strategy.

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Bulk Email-BULK EMAIL:

Easy delivery of mass EMAIL from your PC.
supports various mode of emails.
The EMAIL can be Scheduled as per date ,time, month or year .
Bulk email contacts from txt / excel files can be directly uploaded.
Highly transpparent transaction details.

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A short code is a 5 Digit Virtual Number , sometimes referred to as a short telephone number, which can be used to address SMS (short message service, ie text message) or MMS (multimedia message service, i.e. ringtones, downloads, etc.) & can be converted into data format from a mobile phone.
These Small Numbers are Capable of handling lakhs of live Responses as they are Operated on High Bandwidth routes.

• It is inexpensive

5 digit sms short code                      Easy to Remember Number.
short code service                             24X7 Lead Generation Tool.
short code                                           Integration From Online Application.
sms short code                                   Auto Leads Management Date Wise.
sms short code                                   Immediate Auto Reply Acknowledgement Message

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Long Code:

Long Code is a 10 digit Dedicated or shared Mobile Number to be used for SMS Campaign without paying Premium Charges by the sender as in the case of shortcode number, it provides all features of a Shortcode and sender is charged only as per their Normal SMS Charges as he sends to any other mobile number.
Shortcode & Longcode enables 2 way communication between Orgainisation/Company and their Users/clients and widely used for value-added services such as Reality Show Voting, Customers Feedback, Voting/Polling, Automated Lead Generation, Online Subscriptions, Examination Results & Media Entertainment Marketing Verticals.

• Create Unlimited Keywords in Dedicated and One In Shared Long Code.
• Unlimited subkeywords supported.
• Real Time log report available, user may download in excel format.
• Create unlimited keywords and replies.
• Customized replies sent with Bulk SMS Service API.
• Email Forwarding with Sender Name, Mobile Number and Message.

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Voice SMS:

It's a Voice Broadcasting Platform that broadcasts any pre-recorded voice relay simultaneously to many telephone numbers at a particular point of time which is accessible easily form anywhere at any given point in time.


Since it's pre-recorded,Voice broadcasted message is always clear.

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Short Advertisement Films:

Hi-Quality Digital Movies of 10/30 seconds, 30/60 minutes duration for advertisement in TV, Local TV channels, Video-enabled Hordings, gatherings & exhibitions.
This is the mode of advertisement which generates highest degree of responses.

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Market / sell your products / services from the comfort of your office chair.

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